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IT Strategy Consulting
CIOs struggle with an array of complex issues, from overcoming organizational barriers and maintaining operational stability of their investments, to keeping compliant with ever-evolving standards and regulations.
Now more than ever, they need strategies that are practical, measurable, and achievable
The strategy and technology consultants of RITZA draw on extensive intellectual capital and experience to help achieve IT mission success.
Because of our distinctive combination of strategic insight, industry knowledge, and IT functional expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help clients bridge the divide between business demands and IT solutions.
RITZA offers in-depth expertise and a full spectrum of capabilities to help IT leaders tackle their toughest challenges—from strategies to ensure that their IT delivers real value,
to new approaches for achieving meaningful IT transformation. We have one unifying goal—to help our clients succeed. Our client’s mission is our mission.
RITZA provides insight and counsel to clients regarding trade-offs and opportunities available for making prudent investments in technology.
Focusing on current IT strategy service offerings and next-generation solutions, our IT Strategy team provides the following capabilities:
IT Portfolio Management (ITPfM):-
IT PfM delivers the benefits of balancing supply and demand of IT resources, eliminating redundancy, and enabling better alignment with strategic goals
Enterprise Architecture (EA):-
Our integrated EA strategies lead to improved business processes, operational stability of investments, cohesion between departments and operating units, enhanced communication,
and increased market competitiveness
Business Blueprinting:-
We use business blueprinting to help assess an organization’s readiness to create and, more importantly, use EA products and information based on a pragmatic evaluation of key indicators
Data and IT Strategy Integration:-
Data and IT strategy integration ensures that an organization’s IT strategy activities account for impacts imparted by its data and information-sharing objectives.
RITZA’s approach for data strategy and IT management process integration includes both practicable guidance and analytical tools
to help assess an organization’s data and IT management environment
IT Strategic Planning:-
RITZA helps organizations formulate a strategic agenda outlining how IT will be used to meet mission needs.
Our phased planning methodology is based on helping organizations understand the plan’s purpose, scope, contributors, and audience;
identifying appropriate IT visions, goals, and strategies; and developing, executing, and overseeing action plans for implementing their IT strategies
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