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Most companies face considerable barriers, like those mentioned below, in harnessing their corporate information for effective decision-making.
Multiple systems and data sources
Inconsistent data across systems
Lack of standards for key business metrics
Inappropriate/inadequate technology
Departmental stovepipes
Lack of understanding
SAP Business Intelligence enables you to identify, integrate, and analyze relevant information. So you can make informed decisions and take appropriate action to succeed in the marketplace.
It enables you to use all your information, whether it resides in SAP, non-SAP, or legacy applications.
A customer can therefore manage and analyze every aspect of the business across the entire value chain -- including multiple divisions, multiple partners, and various touch points.
Business Benefits:
Access to historical data to make sound and intelligent decisions
All-encompassing view of the entire organization’s operations and opportunities
Employees have access to the required information at the right time
Integration of disparate data to provide a comprehensive analysis
Enables employees to be more responsive
Helps identify new sources of revenue
End-to-end solution
Open platform complemented through partners
Business content to maximize ROI
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