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CAD & CAE Engineering Services
From concept designing till training / support, and all the stages in-between, Ritza Technologies provides services at every stage of the product life cycle.
We offer CAD / CAE services for:
Concept Designing (Industrial Design and styling) to Concept Validation (optimization and functional validation)
Designing (detailed 3D CAD design & manufacturing drawings) to Mathematical Calculation (empirical calculation)
Analysis / Simulations (static, dynamic, non-linear, CFD) to Tooling (mould design, sheet metal forming, die design, jig & fixture design)
Prototyping (prototyping development services) to Manufacturing (digital manufacturing, human ergonomics, manufacturing process feasibility)
Shop Floor / Scheduling (plant simulation, work cell time study, assembly, automation) to Future Life Experience Training / Support (computer based training, interactive technical documentation)
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