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Before we say what it takes for you to become a RITZIAN, let us answer the questions you might be having in mind.


Well, for starters 1) We are expanding real fast. 2) We're hiring!
We believe that newer brains in RITZA family = better clients = fresher avenues = more challenges = only way to grow. Going by this equation, we grew by 200% last year. This year, we estimate our growth to be 400%. We are growing like mad and you could too. Our industry friends say that We are a fun gang to shape great careers with. And since you have reached this page, we presume you are curious about your possibilities in joining forces. Fancy working with us?

What we expect from you:

Intelligence, common-sense and qualification. When we say that, we also mean
1) you must be a person with a lot of drive to accomplish ambitious aims and goals set by yourself and us;
2) you love work and
3) you have decent speaking skills. In case you fit the bill, click on the openings mentioned below, that you want to apply for. In case you don't fit the bill, you can still send in an application for the post you want to apply for. We just might be having a life-altering opportunity waiting for you! Remember, RITZA is expanding!

Please send us your updated resume to

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